While most of the recipes here do not require specialized equipment, a few of them need things that not everyone might have laying around. These items are not necessary to cook yummy low-carb foods, some of them can make it easier.

  • Instant Pot (or other pressure cooker)
  • Immersion blender – this isn’t required, but can make finishing hot sauces a bit easier (instead of trying to pour scalding liquid into a blender)
  • Slow-cooker – the Instant Pot comes with a slow cooker setting, so no need to buy a separate slow-cooker if you’re planning on getting an Instant Pot. Most things made in an Instant Pot can be made in a slow cooker, it just takes a lot longer.
  • Food processor – I have the Ninja system and I love it, but any food processor will do. They can help with chopping/slicing, and also pull full duty as a blender, etc.
  • Egg cooker – I normally don’t endorse single-use appliances, and making hard-boiled eggs is pretty easy in an instant pot or stovetop, but when you go through as many eggs as we do, this little gadget is just so handy. I use it nearly every day. No cleanup, with perfect eggs every time.