I started this blog as much for me and my friends as anyone else. I wanted a place where I could post my favorite low-carb/diabetic-friendly/keto recipes – ones I’ve actually tried, and don’t require you to be a wizard in the kitchen. I only learned to cook over the past few years (and I run a business), so time and ninja cooking skills are not really in my wheelhouse. Every recipe posted here is easy, and most are pretty fast.

Also, I just don’t really like cooking that much. I like eating delicious food, but I don’t really enjoy the process of cooking like some people do. I don’t love it or hate it, but I’ve found (for me, at least), if you want to succeed with keto, learning to cook at least a little will go a long way. It’s a thing I had to learn to be able to eat healthier.

I try to post recipes that can be re-used or remixed after you’re done with the cooking part, for example recipes that make lots of extra sauce that you can use with other things during the week. Or cooking things in bulk (like the taco meat for the keto taco bowls) that can be mixed with eggs or other things later in the week. Sometimes the ingredients might be a little pricey, but it usually evens out to be pretty cheap based on how far you can extend the meals.

My tastes may not be your tastes, so feel free to fold, spindle and mutilate these recipes as you see fit. I tend to like things salty, which on keto is a good thing. I tend to cook things inspired by American, Mexican or Indian cuisine – but I strongly encourage you to experiment. I’ll usually try to recommend some variations I’ve tried (for example using Mexican mix cheese, adding jalapeño, etc) because eating the same damn thing every week can get tiresome, and the key to keto is sticking with it. The more delicious variations you come up with, the better your chances of sticking with the plan.

I tend to go heavy on cayenne pepper and/or cinnamon when the recipe fits it. That doesn’t mean you have to.

If you like things spicier, try adding chili flakes, a little more cayenne, or some Sambal Oelek (though easy on that one, since it does have a few extra carbs).

Also, please note, I am truly terrible at photographing food. 🙁 I promise all of this food looks better in real life than it does the way it looks here.

Some of these recipes may be inspired by other recipes. I’ll always link back to the original, but the modifications are mine. (I tend to like things saltier, spicier, and with more garlic.) Please do click through to the originals – I’ll forever be grateful that people have shared their recipes with others so we can learn from them and modify them to suit our particular tastes.